Measuring and Fitting Services

Measuring & Fitting Services

Measuring & Fitting

The old saying of ‘measure twice cut once’ has never been more true than when purchasing a new floor covering. Quite often people incorrectly measure their floors resulting in unnecessary joins and extra expense. Here at KRP Carpets & Vinyls our highly skilled team offers a free & complete measuring and estimating service, which allows us to provide a quotation for the exact size and shape of carpet or vinyl required, therefore saving money for our customers through less wastage. It can be a good idea to measure before you have made your final selection, to enable you to match a flooring choice to your budget.
Our experienced staff will also advise you on which type of carpet to select for the room being fitted, for example, a heavier weight carpet with a high density of pile if it is for a hallway, stairs or living room, as these areas are well used and the carpet will wear better. For rooms that see less traffic, like the bedroom, a lighter and less dense carpet would be suitable. When measuring we also look for any floor problems that may need attention prior to fitting, door clearance, access to rooms, and check any reusable items such as gripper, door plates etc.
We can bring generous sized samples that can be laid out on the floor enabling you to see what your new carpet or Vinyl would look like in your own surroundings and under your own lighting conditions.
We offer fast and efficient delivery/fitting of stock carpets and vinyls. Most other leading brands are available within 7 days. When fitting we can undertake to move furniture and uplift old floor covering, taking the worry of this away from you. We have a team of experienced fitters and all fitting is guaranteed by KRP Carpets & Vinyls, in the unlikely event you ever need it we have a first class after sales service.